Indigo Sky Rapture

by Strigid

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(free) 02:15


released September 27, 2019

Album cover by morir (Instagram @m.o.r.i.r_)

Thanks to:
Simon the Magpie, the Magpie Pirates, and Lu MRL.


all rights reserved



Strigid Salem, Massachusetts

Dancing with the change.

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Track Name: Bleuw
A simple exchange
A new name
For our bread and our wine and our home

This machine that runs on the oil of vegetables
You are now commendable

Passing Ft. Friendship

You better wake up if you wanna see your little girl
Grow up to be the woman that she is right now
It's convenient to be the one with the pencil
When the time starts turning

Metal tracks
'Matter fact
It was your imaginary friends that you left behind and you never wanted to see alive
Track Name: That mollusk feeling
A robot hugging a fish
That was something you never said to me
I could go on and on
about all the things you never said

Through gritted teeth
You never spoke of how the Russian letter,
that sounds like two consecutive O’s
How that letter looks like a fish

How dare you

Gills gills…
isn’t it weird how fish just open themselves up
Or perhaps,
It’s just the fact
that the gills have no teeth behind them

You never said that either

Ooh! How it must’ve felt to breathe water
Oh. how it must’ve felt
to cruise through the vast expanse of

You don’t suppose that could be us.
Track Name: Harvest Time
Earless corpses lying on the ground,
like ears of corn ready for harvest time
I thought you knew

Just leave me, what I want
There’s so much to be printed
on this yellow parchment

Defy me
it gives me so much to do
in your wake
So much to put
in my agenda
So many strokes of my pen

there are finer rugs
there always was and there always will be

do you want to be just like me
well it is easy
why don’t I just show you?
Why don’t I just tell you?
I will
“He will”

Do you have the ear for it
Well hand it over, mister. I’m not running a shit show unless you want me to.
Track Name: Klifs
You know
You finally
Spat on me in my dreams

Don' got what I deserved
What I earned
The transaction of transgression

Like cherry blossoms falling down -- so beautiful

Oh here I go again, peeling back my skin
Doing the only thing that I know that keeps me going
Feeling sorry for myself

You know I finally forgave you in my head?
I saw what you did
Reminds me how I was wrong
I was so wrong
So betraying of who I am now
I was in almost every way so disgusting
So disgusting

Shut up, shut up, shut up
What is wrong with you
I'm sorry -- that's a question easily asked, but never answered
What's the crowd gonna think when you turn over and drink your sorrows
The crowd in your head
Miles and miles of everything
You have to do and want to be
Track Name: Pansy
Y’all got your flowers in your armpits
Prepare yourselves we’re going to war
Gotta protect your virtual subsidies in petrol

Hooks growing from chins. That’s what’s in
Crooks lowering the standards of the neighborhoods their in

Years of painting with purple and that’s all that sticks
All the Innsmouth Fucks and their elitist stares
from the bridge of their nose to your childhood shortcomings,
it’s like a laser from their eyes – stings and stinks like burning fur

But you don’t have any fur,
you’re not a wild animal
You shave every day and bathe every night
Track Name: Reiger
And the stone
said to the pavement

it took thousands of years
to be what I am

and you claim we are
the same


dare take in summer’s heat
can’t be


when my friends leaves, grass
take you back under show you what it means

to be
Track Name: Overgrowth
The croning through the trees
Unlike anything before
Reminds me of the way I think
I think I think

Can’t help but, want
A way out of this
But, there’s something missing from this box that I’m in
The conversation of the forest

You see, everything I touch is so beautifully round
so beautifully soft.

I want something to share in.

It was
More like me
It was more like me,
than I ever want to be
than I wanna see.

I want to know is there something to
live for, live for.
That isn’t hoping I want to be something else.
I want to know if it’s all just wishful thinking.
What is in my head?
What is in this world?
Is it really.
Is it really…

What does it mean to be soft?
Track Name: Plimbo
There once was a story of a town called Plimbo, which was the literal playpen of a demented boy. And in that pen, many stories unfolded while he played with toys – action figures and the like. Forced the men together, until homosexuality formed. That’s all we knew.

The sink turned everyone to be really really gay.
Say commander do you want to play?
Play with my butt?
It’s only gay we kiss.
It’s only gay if we like it
and we don’t do it cause we like it,
we do it
cause we have to.
Cause we don’t have tenderness
Celibate involuntary

Take. Brude. Be. Pen.
Take. Brude. Pen. Phase A. Phase B. Phase C.
Phase A. Phase B. Phase C.
Track Name: Queen Bee
Have you ever
Have you ever looked at the sand that we burrow
that we burrow under?

It’s weak
it’s insufficient
menacingly short…
lack luster
so weak

Take for
Take for granted
What we’re given

Bang into shape
What we must
Our arms
the only things we’re surely meant to work with
create with
and be with

Swimming through
Swimming through
Swimming through
Swimming through

It’s such a
beautiful thing that we make
You and I, my love

These babies
The houses on the prairie
The cars and totes that carry
Pure muscle by proxy
It’s all so lovely

I implore you, neighbor
To keep your wife’s grandfather in mind
The mibrofilial elite is important

To ask that
of someone else
Not even your great grandchildren

Soon the archives will overflow
Like these piles of meat
That we call
Track Name: Plentiful
The contents of the green vial
Soaking in the soil now
Hoping it
grows well

You followed the manual
now it’s just time to wait for your
elemental to grow

You can do a little dance
if you want to
You could draw
the face that you think will grow out of your catylistic structure

The beautiful faces.
Feel free to send them in.
We’ll choose the best,
and share them in our next publication.
Don’t be shy
it’s worthwhile experience for your babies
who are destined for popularity
We all know the best parents
do whatever they can
Track Name: Forget (Pale Iron Speaks I)
Outsourcing your nackerpeople
Keep that smell out of the town square
It’s not proper, I swear
Tell you what, Timmy
I’m a proper familyman, so I’m gonna tell you
That man has bacteria,
you can’t let him around our cats and our dogs
Our lovely things we love to put our paws on, claws in

You know what Timothy?
There’s quite a lot of people going around
saying we need to medicate our dogs and cats
They’re quite alright on their own
Their tongues allow them to
be impervious to such things,
we can’t afford that medicine

I’m hard-pressed to say
there are goats just like you in the wild
Painting their brothers grey
A boon of contention,
the moon an invention of
pushing waves, pulling tides
I imagine you’re the type
that blames the enemy on their mother’s milk
So indifferent to difference
That your indifference
inspires, conspires, spirals into

A pile of bile,
a black hole of yak cud
it’s god sucking your shoes off
Don’t disrespect him, don’t disrespect

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